Agriculture Waste Shredder

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Gafe Ranger DAXT Agri Waste Shredder Tractor Operated

Price: 95000 INR/Piece

Multi Use Bio Waste Shredder Machine, Can Be attached with Tractor Directly, Power Required 10 HP

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Gafe Ranger DAXM50, Agricultural Bio Waste Shredder 5 HP, 3 Phase Electric

Price: 118000 INR/Piece

Multiuse Bio Waste Shredder Machine

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Trapp TRF90 Multicrop Agri Waste Shredder 2 HP Electric

Price: 52000 INR/Piece

Cutting and crushing fodder, and grinding cereal seeds and husks, stripped corn, sugarcane, manioc foliage, sedge, etc. We recommend that you perform the crushing several times to improve the decomposition.

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Trapp TRF300 Multicrop Agri Waste Shredder 3 HP Electric

Price: 65000 INR/Piece

Agriculture Multicrop Waste Shredder


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